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After a hiatus during the winter months, our beloved Community Potlucks have returned to The Center! We will be hosting monthly meals on the first Wednesday of each month while the weather is warm. 

On June 1st at 6 PM, we will be sharing our next meal together! Community members are welcome to join us for a cheesy, carb-filled meal of Italian cuisine! We invite you to bring a dish to pass. Need inspiration? Here are some ideas:

Aperitivo or Antipasti (Appetizer)
Primo (Pasta, Soup, Polenta, or Rice)
Secondo (Meat, Sausage, Chicken, or Fish)
Contorno (Vegetable Dish or Vegetable Tray)
Insalata (Salad)
Formaggi E Fruta (Cheese and/or Fruit)
Dolce (Dessert)