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Your Support is Needed and Appreciated

The Center depends on generous community donors, volunteers, and grants in order to continue pursuing our mission. We urge you to consider the Center in your personal giving plans and/or volunteer your time and talents to support us in our fundraising initiatives.

The Fundraising and Financial Committee

We are seeking creative individuals with fresh ideas and the drive to get things done. This team works on existing annual fundraisers and explores new ways to generate the funding needed to support the center's operation. The groups will identify their own routine of meeting.

The Activity and Programs Committee

We are looking for individuals who will help to identify and coordinate activities and programs for the community. This team will bring forward the wishes of the community. The team will identify their own routine meeting schedule.


Community Potluck

Join us to get to know your neighbors, and the people who make the Center the beautiful place it is.


2nd Tuesday of Each Month
(on hold due to COVID-19)

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